The Adventures of Ellery Queen (1951)

The Hanging Acrobat

This is an episode of the DuMont Network's "The Adventures of Ellery Queen" (1950-54). This ran on the DuMont Network before moving to the ABC. The series was also shown in Australia, where it played on Channel 2 on Thursdays at 9pm throughout 1957. The actor who plays Ellery, Richard Hart, died part way through the series and was replaced by Lee Bowman. About 50 episodes were made over its two runs but only a small amount survive.

This episode, original air date 21 December 1950, sees Ellery become involved in a murder investigation when he stops at a small, rural carnival.

This episode was sponsored by Kaiser-Frazer automobiles. Queen mentions that he was returning to the city in his Kaiser when he stopped at a small carnival.

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