In The Wake of the Bounty (1933)

"In The Wake of The Bounty" is Errol Flynn's first film. It is also the first of two of Charles Chauvel's proposed series of docudrama's which would be part narrative and part travelogue. The other is "Heritage"
For the trivia buffs:
-Errol Flynn was a decendant of Fletcher Christian, the character he plays in this film.
-This incident in history has also been explored in "Mutiny on the Bounty", in 1935 with Charles Laughton and Clarke Gable and in 1962 Trevor Howard and Marlon Brando and again in "The Bounty" 1984 with Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson.
-MGM used parts of "In The Wake Of the Bounty" to create advertising featurettes for the 1935 version: "Primitive Pitcarn" and "Pitcarn Island Today"

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