The Kid Stakes (1927)

Australian Silent film based on the Fatty Finn comic strips.

This was the last silent film made in Australia. It was shot in the Sydney streets in 1927. The suburb where it is set is Wooloomoloo, which is an inner city suburb between the CBD and Potts Point. At the time this was film was made, it was a poor area. It is now an expensive, trendy suburb. The billy goat race had to be filmed in Queensland as the New South Wales government had banned such races a year before this film was made.

The projection speed has been corrected so the film runs a little longer than other versions. The soundtrack included here is a collection of popular style recordings from the time approximating the original musical accompanyment.

Robin 'Pop' Ordell - Fatty Finn
Charles Roberts - Tiny King
Ray Salmon - Jimmy Kelly
Frank Boyd - Bruiser Murphy
Edward Stevens - Shooey Shugg
Gwenda Hemus - Betty Briggs
Billy Ireland - Seasy
Leonard Durell - Constable Claffey
Stanley Funnell - Headlights Hogan
Joyce Hazeldine - Kitty Kelly
Jimmy Taylor - Horatio John Wart
Eileen Alexander - Madeline Twirt
Tom Cannam - Mr. Twirt
David Lidstone - Master Algie Snopps
Evelyn Rawle - Molly Kitty
Tal Ordell - Race Commentator
Syd Nicholls - Himself

Directed and Written by
Tal Ordell

Produced by
Virgil Coyle
Tal Ordell

Cinematography by
Arthur Higgins

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