Frieda Inescort SHADOWS ON THE STAIRS (1941) Turhan Bey

When a series of murders are discovered, the occupents of a London boarding house become suspects.

Frieda Inescort - Mrs. Stella Rosabelle Armitage
Paul Cavanagh - Joseph 'Joe' Reynolds
Heather Angel - Sylvia Armitage
Bruce Lester - Hugh Bromilow
Miles Mander - Tom Armitage
Lumsden Hare - Inspector Gregg
Turhan Bey - Ram Singh
Charles Irwin - Constable
Phyllis Barry - Lucy Timson
Mary Field - Phoebe Martia St. John Snell
Paul Renay - Choong Thi

D Ross Lederman

Written By
Frank Vosper (play)
Anthony Coldway (screenplay)

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