ONE FRIGHTENED NIGHT (1935) Charley Grapewin - Mary Carlisle - Hedda Hopper

"One Frightened Night" is one of the great Old House movies directed by Christy Cabanne. An excentric millionaire, unable to find his estranged grand-daughter, decides to divide his estate among more distant relatives. The intrigue begins when two women turn up claiming to be his grand-daughter. CAST Charley Grapewin as Jasper Whyte Lucien Littlefield as Dr. Denham Mary Carlisle as The Second Doris Waverly Regis Toomey as Tom Dean Arthur Hohl as Arthur Proctor Fred Kelsey as Sheriff Jenks Evalyn Knapp as The Fake Doris Waverly Clarence Wilson as Mr. Felix Wallace Ford as Joe Luvalle Adrian Morris as Deputy Abner Hedda Hopper as Laura Proctor Rafaela Ottiano as Elvira - the Maid

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