For The Term of His Natural Life (1927)

This is the greatest of all Austrlian Silent films. Made just before the advent of synchronised sound, this film had a limited period of commercial viabilty before it dissapeared from sight. Based on the serialised novel by Marcus Clarke, this was the most expensive film produced in Australia at the time. It costed 50,000 pounds when the average Australian film was made for around 1000 pounds.

The film stars George Fisher as Richard Devine/Rufus Dawes/John Rex and Eva Novak as Sylvia Vickers and was adapted, produced and directed by Norman Dawn, who later went to Hollwood and made classic B-grade movies like "Bowanga Bowanga" and "Two Lost Worlds".

"For The Term of His Natural Life" was remade as a 6 episode 9 hour mini series with Colin Friels and Anthony Perkins.

Studio One

There Was A Crooked Man (1950)

Two Sharp Knives (1949)

Plan For Escape (1952)

Flowers From A Stranger (1949)

The Speckled Band (1931)

Rare Sherlock Holmes film starring Raymond Massey as SHerlock Holmes. Lyn Harding who plays Dr Rylot later appeared as Moriarty in "Silver Blaze"/"Murder at the Baskervilles."

Kangaroo - The Australian Story (1951)

Maureen O'Hara, Peter Lawford and Richard Boone in Australia with Chips Rafferty and Bud Tingwell.

This was Twentieth Century Fox's first of many productions in Australia.

The promos for this movie say it all. Watch the film and compare:

"Tribute to greatness...TO-NIGHT SCREEN HISTORY IS "Kangaroo," the first feature film in Technicolor produced by Hollywood in Australia, makes its debut before distinguished audiences at gala charity previews in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Port Augusta (S.A.) ...memorable occasions to mark the beginning of a new phase of this great enterprise ..."

"SOON all Australia will be seeing the motion picture that has excited world-wide interest...Two years to make but worth waiting for. A motion picture of Australia - for Australia - expertly made as only Hollywood knows how!"

"The continent time forgot...See the wild aborigines of Australia dance the blood-tingling corroboree. See giant lizards, wombats, dingos, bull ants, extinct everywhere else for 60,000,000 years"

"They have caught the thunder of thirst-crazed herds, the scream of the boomerang, and a bull-whip fight never before seen on the screen"

"The cameras record the sight and sound of aborigines in the exciting dance of the corroboree"


"The Cry of Mighty Adventure!"

In The Wake of the Bounty (1933)

"In The Wake of The Bounty" is Errol Flynn's first film. It is also the first of two of Charles Chauvel's proposed series of docudrama's which would be part narrative and part travelogue. The other is "Heritage"
For the trivia buffs:
-Errol Flynn was a decendant of Fletcher Christian, the character he plays in this film.
-This incident in history has also been explored in "Mutiny on the Bounty", in 1935 with Charles Laughton and Clarke Gable and in 1962 Trevor Howard and Marlon Brando and again in "The Bounty" 1984 with Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson.
-MGM used parts of "In The Wake Of the Bounty" to create advertising featurettes for the 1935 version: "Primitive Pitcarn" and "Pitcarn Island Today"

Petticoat Junction (1963)

"Spur Line To Shady Rest"
This is Season 1 Episode 1 (24 Sept 1963)

"A Night at the Hooterville Hilton"
This is Episode 13 Season 1 (17 December 1963)

"Herbie Gets Drafted"
Season 1 Episode 15 December 31 1963

Mr Ed (1964)

"Wilbur Gets The Message... About Payroll Savings!"

Rare lost episode of Mr Ed. One of only two episodes that are in the Public Domain.

This episode is, essentially, an episode length public service announcement on behalf of the US treasury. Wilbur and Mr Ed extol the virtues of payroll saving plans and their benefits for the American way of life.

Alan Young (Wilbur), Connie Hines (Carol), Mr Ed (Mr Ed), George O'Hanlon (The Electrician)
Directed by Arthur Lubin

Hollywood Without Makeup (1963)

A collection of behind the scenes and home movies from the golden age of Hollywood. Hosted by Ken Murray with a Special appearance by Kirk Douglas.

Features footage of:
Eddie Albert, June Allyson, George K. Arthur, Mary Astor, Lew Ayres, Max Baer, Lucille Ball, Richard Barthelmess, Rex Bell, Edgar Bergen, Sally Blane, Humphrey Bogart, John Boles, Pat Boone, Eddie Borden, Hobart Bosworth, Clara Bow, William Boyd, Fanny Brice, Paul Brooks, Joe E. Brown, Johnny Mack Brown, Virginia Bruce, Rory Calhoun, Leo Carrillo, Charles Chaplin, Lew Cody, William Collier Jr., Russ Columbo, Gary Cooper, Jackie Cooper, Jeanne Crain, Robert Cummings, Linda Darnell, Marion Davies, Joan Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Dolores del Rio, Cecil B. DeMille, Jack Dempsey, Walt Disney, Kirk Douglas, Marie Dressler, Irene Dunne, Josephine Dunn, Stuart Erwin, Ruth Etting, Douglas Fairbanks, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Charles Farrell, Todd Fisher, Errol Flynn, Joan Fontaine, Glenn Ford, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Reginald Gardiner, Cary Grant, Alan Hale, Oliver Hardy, William Randolph Hearst, Jean Hersholt, William Holden, Bob Hope, Hedda Hopper, Walter Huston, Sam Jaffe, Van Johnson, Buck Jones, Hope Lange, Charles Laughton, Stan Laurel, Gertrude Lawrence, Mervyn LeRoy, Charles Lindbergh, Carole Lombard, William Lundigan, Fred MacMurray, Jayne Mansfield, George Marshall, Herbert Marshall, Chico Marx, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Joel McCrea, Victor McLaglen, Adolphe Menjou, Mayo Methot, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Morgan, Wayne Morris, Jean Parker, Louella Parsons, Mary Pickford, Dick Powell, Tyrone Power, George Raft, Gregory Ratoff, Donna Reed, Debbie Reynolds, Buddy Rogers, Charles Ruggles, Albert Schweitzer, George Seaton, Norma Shearer, George Stevens, Lewis Stone, Margaret Sullavan, Robert Taylor, William T. Tilden, George Tobias, Spencer Tracy, Lupe Velez, Jimmy Walker, John Wayne, Johnny Weissmuller, Mae West, Claire Windsor, Robert Woolsey, Jane Wyman and others

Colgate Comedy Hour - Abbott and Costello and Company (1951)

This is the 7 January 1951 Episode of the Colgate Comedy Hour hosted by Abbott and Costello.

Thanks For The Memories (Bob Hope Special) (1964)

This is a rare retrospective on Bob Hope's command performances for US troops all over the world since WWII.

Features appearances by John F Kenedy, Betty Grable, Betty Hutton, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and Lana Turner.

There are some noticable cuts where short segments of the program are missing.

The Adventures of Ellery Queen (1951)

The Hanging Acrobat

This is an episode of the DuMont Network's "The Adventures of Ellery Queen" (1950-54). This ran on the DuMont Network before moving to the ABC. The series was also shown in Australia, where it played on Channel 2 on Thursdays at 9pm throughout 1957. The actor who plays Ellery, Richard Hart, died part way through the series and was replaced by Lee Bowman. About 50 episodes were made over its two runs but only a small amount survive.

This episode, original air date 21 December 1950, sees Ellery become involved in a murder investigation when he stops at a small, rural carnival.

This episode was sponsored by Kaiser-Frazer automobiles. Queen mentions that he was returning to the city in his Kaiser when he stopped at a small carnival.