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The Cat and the Canary (1927)
Twenty years after the death of Cyrus West, Annabelle, Charlie, and Paul's uncle, his will is read. Annabelle inherits her uncle's entire fortune, but when she and her family spend the night in his haunted mansion they are stalked by a mysterious figure. Meanwhile, a lunatic known as "the Cat" escapes from an asylum and hides in the mansion. 
Directed by Paul Leni

The Sensation Seekers (1926)
Surviving fragments of the 1926 Universal - Jewel production based on Ernest Pascal's story "Egypt".  Roughly 3 of the original 7 reels are missing. Most of the beginning middle and end of the film are present. All of the material is pieced together in the chronological order it appeared in the film. 

Terror Island (1922)
A man is held captive by island natives who believe that his daughter has stolen a pearl belonging to their idol. This is a five reel truncated 1922 Realart print of the Houdini mystery missing a large chunk from the middle of this originally seven reel production. 
Produced by Jesse L Lansky 
Directed by James Cruze  

                                    Haldane of the Secret Service (1923)

Heath Haldane (Houdini) attempts to track down the vicious criminal gang responsible for his government agent father's death while also saving the girl he loves. 

Written and produced by Harry Houdini


Jane Eyre (1934)
This is the first talking film adaptation of the often filmed Charlotte Bronte classic. Jane Eyre is an orphan raised by her aunt until she takes the post of governess to the ward of Edward Rochester at Thornfield Hall. Almost immediately Jane is attracted to the intelligent, tormented Rochester, who happens to be twice her age. Things become complicated when Rochester invites the wealthy Lady Blanche Ingram to stay at the Hall.


The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954)
A engrossing romantic drama featuring Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson set in post-World War II paris.Also stars Walter Pidgeon, Donna Reed and a very young Roger Moore.

From the short story by F Scott Fitzgerald


Lets Get Tough - The East Side Kids (1942) 
The boys fight the Black Dragon Society, an enemy sabotage ring of Japanese spies during World War II.  

Starring - Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan 

Producer - Sam Katzman. Director - Wallace Fox


Medicine Man (1930)
A very early screen appearance by comedian Jack Benny sees him as a doctor who runs a traveling medicine show. He stop in a small town where he meets the children of an abusive shop owner.


The Scarlet Letter (1934)
The first sound adaptation of the Nathaniel Hawthorne classic. Produced by Majestic Pictures ("The Vampire Bat", "World Gone Mad", "The Phantom Express") 


Gulliver's Travels (1939)
The original full frame version of the classic animated film.

Gulliver washes ashore in Lilliput, a land of little people, in this 1939 cel-animated classic. 


The Racketeer (1929)
Robert Armstrong, Carole Lombard and Hedda Hopper star in this tale of a gangster directed by Howard Higgin ("High Voltage")

Known as "Love's Conquest" in Britain. 


Eille Norwood as SHERLOCK HOLMES (Silent 1922)
In the silent era Eille Norwood was Sherlock Holmes. His series of over 50 films helped revitalise the popularity of the character and prompted Conan Doyle to write a dozen more Sherlock Holmes stories. Three of Norwood's best short films are contained on this disc:
The Man With The Twisted Lip (1921)
The Dying Detective (1921)
The Devils Foot (1921)

Special features include:
Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1901)
The Copper Beeches (1912)
Arthur Conan Doyle Interview (1927)

All films are digitally remastered from the best prints available. 


A Study In Scarlet (1933)
Reginald Owen, a British actor who only a year earlier had essayed the role of Watson opposite Clive Brook in the film of William Gillette's play, takes an admirable turn as Holmes in this Fox distributed B-picture from 1933. Owen, an often underrated actor, is one of the few actors (Patrick MacNee and Jeremy Brett included) to have played both the Great Detective and his companion.

After a man dies in a locked train compartment, Eileen Forrester (June Clyde) inherets his place in a secret trust, The Scarlet Ring, organised by a dishonourable lawyer, Mr Merrydew (Allan Dinehart). A member of the group, Captain Pyke is shoot after a meeting and his wife (Anna May Wong) becomes involved in the trust's dealings. All the time Sherlock Holmes is investigating the group's cryptic messages in the Telegraph. 

Remastered © 2006-2010 The Video Cellar.


Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Weapoon (1942)
Holmes and Watson endeavor to rescue the kidnapped inventor of a new bomb sight and to secure the weapon for use against the enemy during World War II.

Starring:  Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, William Post Jr, Holmes Herbert, Kaaren Verne, Dennis Hoey, Mary Gordon. Directed by Roy William Neill


The Woman In Green (1945)
There is a Jack The Ripper style murder loose and Holmes and Watson investigate a blackmail ring that may be connected to the murders. 


Terror By Night (1946)
Holmes and Watson are aboard the "Scotch Express" trying to save the famous Star of Rhodesia diamond from its imminent theft. 


Dressed To Kill (1946)
The key to the hiding place of the stolen bank-note printing plates is held in the tunes played by a few plain music boxes. A criminal gang will stop at nothing to retrieve the plates. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson follow the trail of the music boxes and the criminal gang led by the femme fatale Hilda Courtney and Colonel Cavanaugh. 


A Star Is Born (1937)
An award winning color film from the Golden Age of Hollywood. A young farm girl dreams of becoming a Hollywood star. She goes to Hollywood and after being rejected by an extras casting company spends some time as a waitress, where she meets and is discovered by Norman Maine. As her star begins to rise Norman's starts to fall due to his alcoholism and personal problems. 


Shadows (Silent 1922)
In this powerful story of racial prejudice, Chaney plays an aging Chinese man who converts to Christianity to prevent a friend from being blackmailed.
Directed by Tom Forman 
Starring: Lon Chaney, Marguerite De La Motte, Harrison Ford 


The Penalty (Silent 1920)
Lon Chaney stars as Blizzard a criminal crippled in his childhood by a young doctor's mistake. He takes his revenge on the world through his crimes. But is the person he has become his fault or is their some other explanation for his ways.
This is one of Chaney's most famous character creations. He strapped his legs up and walked with crutches to look like a person who's legs had been amputated above the knee. 


The Squaw Man (Silent 1914)
 Cecil B Demille's first feature film as a director and producer and the first feature film made in Hollywood.

Dustin Farnum stars in this tale of a British officer who, after taking the blame for another's crime, leaves for America to start a new life as a cattle farmer.  


The Virginian (Silent 1915)
Cecil B Demille's 1914 silent feature film version of Owen Wister's novel "The Virginian" starring Dustin Farnum.

A cowboy romances the local school teacher and helps apprehend a gang of cattle rustlers.


Carmen (Silent 1915)
Cecil B Demille's 1915 film of Prosper Merimee's 1845 novella.

Carmen, a gypsy woman, seduced lawyer Don Jose in an attempt to assist her clan's smuggling trade. Don Jose is obsessed with Carmen and turns to crime to maintain her attentions. 


The Cheat (Silent 1915)
1915 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring Fannie Ward. This film was selected for preservation in America's "National Film Registry".

A desperate socialite turns to a Burnese Ivory trader after she is almost found out for embezzling funds from her charity. 


Romance of The Redwoods (Silent 1917)
1917 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring Mary Pickford. This film was the first of two collaborations between the star and director. 
During the California gold rush, a young woman travels to the west coast to live with her uncle. When she arrives she discovers he has been killed by the natives and his identity and property taken by a notorious outlaw. 


The Little American (Silent 1917)
During the first world war, a young American woman's boat is torpedoed by a German U-Boat. When she manages to return to her ancestral country of France, she witnesses the German atrocities first hand.

This is Wallace Beery's first screen appearance (he plays a German soldier)


Manslaughter (Silent 1922)
1922 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring Leatrice Joy and Thomas Meighan. This film is based on Alice Duer Miller's novel. 
After a society dame accidently causes the death of a policeman her fiance must prosecute her. While in prison she reforms her character while his life forever marked by this incident.


Why Change Your Wife (Silent 1920) 
1920 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring Gloria Swanson and Thomas Meighan. This film is based on William C DeMille's story.

A married couple, bored with each other, divorce. Time apart and with other people reminds them of what they saw in each other in the first place.


Male and Female (Silent 1919) 
1919 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring Glori Swanson. This film is based on J M Barrie's "The Admirable Crichton".

Lady Mary (Gloria Swanson) is spoilt and always gets what she wants. This is until she is shipwrecked and has to re-assess what is important in life.


Don't Change Your Husband (Silent 1918)
1918 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring Glori Swanson and Elliott Dextor.

A woman ia sick of her greedy and sloppy husband. She divorces him and takes up with a two timing playboy. This makes her original partner seem more appealing.


The Whispering Chorus (Silent 1918)
 1918 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring Raymond Hatton.

A man who has stolen money takes a dead man's identity and is later accused of killing that man.


Old Wives For New (Silent 1918) 
1918 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring Elliott Dextor.

A man leaves his wife only to live a life of complications as the other women he chooses cause him just as much trouble. 


The Road To Yesterday (Silent 1925) 
1925 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring William Boyd and Vera Reynolds. This film is based on Beulah Mari Dix and Evelyn Sutherland's play.

The past lives of a married couple are impacting their happiness in their current incarnations. 


The Volga Boatman (Silent 1926)
1926 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring William Boyd and Elinor Fair. This film is based on Konrad Bercovici's famous novel.

During the Russian Revolution, an imperial princess become enamoured by a peasant boatman.


Dead Men Walk (1943)
Devil's sorcery, as a dead man returns for vengeance! 
Doctor Clayton has just buried his magician twin brother Elwyn. Elwyn's hunchbacked assistant accuses the doctor of having murdered his brother, but Clayton claims it was self-defence. He is haunted by his brother and believes that he is going mad, but has his brother's research into vampirism lead him to be ressurected for revenge.


The Mad Monster (1942)
The blood of a wolf he placed in the veins of a man... and created a monster such as the world has never known!

In order to prove his crazy scientific theories and to get some revenge on his enemies, a mad scientist turns his simple-minded assistant into a wolf man. 


The Monster Walks (1932)
People are menaced by a killer ape in this classic old dark house movie.
A scientist who keeps apes for his experiments dies and his daughter inherits his estate. But there is a provision in the will for a second beneficiary if his daughter proves to be mad or dies. Will she make it through the night and collect her inheritance or will the ape successfully put her out of the running for the inheritance.


The Gorilla (1939) 
 A Ritz is afraid of nothing ... but ... THIS ... IS ... SOMETHING!

A mad psychopathic killer known as "The Gorilla" has been terrorizing the city. When a wealthy man is threated with death at the hands of the killer he hires private detectives The Ritz Brothers to investigate the case. 


The Lost World (Silent 1926) 
The first screen adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic tale. Professor Challenger has been laughed at for years because of his theories about pre-historic creatures and environments existing in the fairest reaches of the earth. He has come back from an expedition where he has found one such location but much of his party is missing. He assembles a search party to travel back to the location and find the missing party.


The Vampire Bat (1933)
When the local townspeople begin dying from blood loss, the town leaders of Kleinschloss start to suspect the return of vampirism. A police detective is not convinced and begins an investigation. Meanwhile the townspeople blame a simpleton for the crimes. But, when he is hounded to the point of death and the killings continue, the truth proves to be even stranger.