Sherlock Holmes: The Musgrave Treasure (1912)

Georges Tréville starred in a number of two reeler Sherlock Holmes films in 1912. These films were produced in collaboration with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who adapted and supervised production of the films. These were made by a French Company, Éclair, and filmed in England.

This film, based on "The Musgrave Ritual", was one of seven films made under this arrangement and released in 1912. The others were "The Copper Beeches" (also available on The Video Cellar), "The Silver Blaze", "The Reigate Squire", "The Stolen Papers", "The Speckled Band", "The Boscombe Valley Mystery" and "The Beryl Coronet".

This film has been digitally transfered from a French print. New English intertitles, tinting, editing and musical arrangements created by The Video Cellar Collection in 2018.


  1. WONDERFUL short film! Much more interesting than "The Copper Beeches". And I love the music. I've seen this listed on a DVD at the Amazon site, but now it says "Currently unavailable". Will this be available from you on DVD anytime soon? I'm working on a "Sherlock Holmes" project right hnow where I'm trying to get ahold of EVERY old Holmes films on DVD I can find.

    As an aside... just learned some AMAZING news the other day. It seems the BFI is planning to RESTORE the entire Eille Norwood series from 1921-23. Can't wait!!