Outside The Law (1920)

Outside the Law is a 1920 crime film directed by Tod Browning. Browning remade the film in 1930.

Black Mike (Lon Chaney) is a despicable gangster who lures Molly (Priscilla Dean), the daughter of a San Francisco underworld leader, back to a life of crime. Mike frames Molly's father for murder and then plots to double-cross her as well. But Molly's hard heart is slowly melted by her gangster lover. The film ends with in a climactic shootout.

The print in a little murky so some title cards are difficult to read. Adjusting contrast should fix this.

The Sheik (1921)

Legendary Valentino picture.

Valentino stars as an Arabian who falls in love with an English woman in this classic silent picture.

Marie Galante (1934)

An early Spencer Tracy outing in this spy thriller set in Panama.