Complete List of 2009 Contributions to

Complete List of Contributions to the Internet Moving Picture Archive for 2009

Hollywood The Fabulous Era
TV Special hosted by Henry Fonda

Hollywood Without Makeup
Collection of private home movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood

Bob Hope - Thanks for the Memories
Documentary retrospective

Colgate Comedy Hour with Abbott and Costello
Live comedy show

Ellery Queen - The Hanging Acrobat
Live mystery television

Mr Ed - Wilbur Gets the Message
US treasury Public Service Film (17 mins)

Petticoat Junction - Herbie Gets Drafted
Episode of the popular Beverly Hillbillies Spin-off (and Green Acres fore-runner)

Petticoat Junction - A Night at the Hooterville Hilton
Episode of the popular Beverly Hillbillies Spin-off (and Green Acres fore-runner)

Petticoat Junction - Spurline To Shady Rest
Episode of the popular Beverly Hillbillies Spin-off (and Green Acres fore-runner)

Kangaroo - The Australian Story
Big budget American epic set in Australia stars Maureen O'hara, Peter Lawford, Chips Rafferty and Bud Tingwell

Studio One - Flowers From a Stranger
Live television drama

Sherlock Holmes - The Speckled Band
Raymond Massey as Sherlock Holmes

Studio One - Plan For Escape
Live Television Drama

Studio One - There Was a Crooked Man
Live Television Drama

Studio One - Two Sharp Knives
Live Television Drama

The Three Stooges - Jerks of All Trades
Failed Television Pilot

A Year To Remember 1935
Newsreel documentary

Stamp Day for Superman
US Treasury Public Service Film (17 mins)

Boris Karloff's Thriller - The Return of Andrew Bentley
The only public domain episode of the series. Starring and directed by John Newland (One Step Beyond)

You Asked For It (featuring Bela Lugosi)
One of three Television appearances by Bela Lugosi

Cat Women of the Moon
1950s SciFi film

Satan's Harvest
George Montgomery and Tippi Hedron in organised crime in South Africa

Retelling of Frankenstein with Rock Hudson and Barbera Carrera

The Ghoul
Legendary "lost" Karloff film.

Charlie Chan's Secret
Warner Oland is Charlie Chan

Charlie Chan in Dark Alibi
Sydney Toler as Charlie Chan

Warner Bros Breakdowns and Blow-ups 1936-1947
Classic Hollywood Blooper Reels

Hitchcock Trailer Collection
All available Hitchcock trailers 39 Steps - Family Plot

The Girl in Lovers Lane
Classic B-noir

Martin Kayne Private Eye - The District Attorney Killer
Live detective show

Sherlock Holmes - The Sleeping Cardinal
"Lost" first Arthur Wontner Sherlock Holmes film

Marie Galante
Spencer Tracy's Panama Canal spy thriller

The Sheik
The film that made the Rudolph Valentino legend

Outside the Law
Lon Chaney-Todd Browning silent classic

The Green Eyes
Charles Starret mystery (before he became a cowboy star)

A Shot in the Dark
Another young Charles Starret mystery

The Phantom Express
A great B picture from Majestic Pictures (Vampire Bat, World Gone Mad). This is the rare longer version of the film.

Arch of Triumph - Trailer
Trailer of the Bergman-Boyer classic directed by Lewis Milestone.

Peter Gunn - Lets Kill Timothy
Blake Edward's detective show

Peter Gun - The Fuse
Blake Edward's Detective show.

His Royal Highness - Trailer
Trailer for big budget Australian musical starring George Wallace

Fragments from "The Story of The Kelly Gang"
The remaining pieces of the final reel of the film.

Marvellous Melbourne
1910 documentary

The Prisoner of Fu Manchu
Episode of Republic serial style TV show

The Death Ships of Fu Manchu
Episode of Republic serial style TV show

Douglas Fairbanks Jr Presents Bulldog Drummond
A failed pilot for a proposed series for Captain Drummond.

Apollo 17 - On The Shoulders of Giants
NASA film.

The Apollo Soyuz Mission
NASA Film.

Skylab - The First 40 Days
NASA Film.

The Nativity
Musical version.

The Kid Stakes
The last Australian silent film based on the "Fatty Finn" comics

His Royal Highness
George Wallace's first feature. Musical comedy.

The Masterplan of Fu Manchu
Episode of Republic serial style TV show

His Royal Highness (1932)

Australia's first musical comedy featuring vaudevillian comic George Wallace the most popular Australian comedian or the era.

Produced by Efftee Studios, Melbourne the story was by George Wallace and C J Dennis (The Sentemental Bloke) and the film was directed by Frank Thring Snr.

The video and audio recordings contained in this film entered the Australian public domain in 1983


The Kid Stakes (1927)

Australian Silent film based on the Fatty Finn comic strips.

This was the last silent film made in Australia. It was shot in the Sydney streets in 1927. The suburb where it is set is Wooloomoloo, which is an inner city suburb between the CBD and Potts Point. At the time this was film was made, it was a poor area. It is now an expensive, trendy suburb. The billy goat race had to be filmed in Queensland as the New South Wales government had banned such races a year before this film was made.

The projection speed has been corrected so the film runs a little longer than other versions. The soundtrack included here is a collection of popular style recordings from the time approximating the original musical accompanyment.

Robin 'Pop' Ordell - Fatty Finn
Charles Roberts - Tiny King
Ray Salmon - Jimmy Kelly
Frank Boyd - Bruiser Murphy
Edward Stevens - Shooey Shugg
Gwenda Hemus - Betty Briggs
Billy Ireland - Seasy
Leonard Durell - Constable Claffey
Stanley Funnell - Headlights Hogan
Joyce Hazeldine - Kitty Kelly
Jimmy Taylor - Horatio John Wart
Eileen Alexander - Madeline Twirt
Tom Cannam - Mr. Twirt
David Lidstone - Master Algie Snopps
Evelyn Rawle - Molly Kitty
Tal Ordell - Race Commentator
Syd Nicholls - Himself

Directed and Written by
Tal Ordell

Produced by
Virgil Coyle
Tal Ordell

Cinematography by
Arthur Higgins

The Nativity (Westinghouse Studio One) (1952)

Live teleplay from CBS's "Studio One" program.

Season 5 Episode 13 (22 December 1952)

Features original Westinghouse promotions presented by Betty Furness.

Skylab - The First 40 Days

Official NASA film about the first 40 days on board Skylab

Apollo 17 - On The Shoulders of Giants

Official NASA film of the Apollo 17 Mission

The Apollo-Soyuz Mission

Oficial NASA film of the Apollo-Soyuz Mission