Wilkie Collins' THE MOONSTONE (1934) - David Manners

A 1934 critically acclaimed American film adaptation of Wilkie Collins' "The Moonstone" by Monogram Pictures Corporation. Adapted to the screen by Adele S. Buffington, the film was directed by Reginald Barker and starred David Manners, Charles Irwin, and Phyllis Barry. The New York Times said of it: "The Moonstone is a prime example of what can be accomplished on a small budget with a little extra time and care."

ONE FRIGHTENED NIGHT (1935) Charley Grapewin - Mary Carlisle - Hedda Hopper

"One Frightened Night" is one of the great Old House movies directed by Christy Cabanne. An excentric millionaire, unable to find his estranged grand-daughter, decides to divide his estate among more distant relatives. The intrigue begins when two women turn up claiming to be his grand-daughter. CAST Charley Grapewin as Jasper Whyte Lucien Littlefield as Dr. Denham Mary Carlisle as The Second Doris Waverly Regis Toomey as Tom Dean Arthur Hohl as Arthur Proctor Fred Kelsey as Sheriff Jenks Evalyn Knapp as The Fake Doris Waverly Clarence Wilson as Mr. Felix Wallace Ford as Joe Luvalle Adrian Morris as Deputy Abner Hedda Hopper as Laura Proctor Rafaela Ottiano as Elvira - the Maid

COBRA (1925) Rudolph Valentino

In this later film, Rudolph Valentino plays a poor Italian noble man. He takes a job in New York and falls in love. Music: Kevin MacLeod

YELLOWNECK (1955) Lin McCarthy - Full Movie - Western IN COLOR

A color western about five confederate soldiers who desert and try to make it through the Everglades past snakes, hurricanes and disease to get to Cuba.

HIGH VOLTAGE (1929) Carole Lombard - William Boyd

A small bus filled with passangers becomes stranded in the snow and encounters a mysterious convict.

Released by Pathé and directed by Howard Higgin, the film stars William Boyd, Carol Lombard, Diane Ellis, Owen Moore, Phillips Smalley, and Billy Bevan.

THE VAMPIRE BAT (1933) Fay Wray and Lionel Atwill

When the villagers of Kleinschloss start dying of blood loss, the town fathers suspect a resurgence of vampirism. While police inspector Karl remains skeptical, scientist Dr. von Niemann cares for the vampire's victims one by one, and suspicion falls on simple-minded Herman Gleib because of his fondness for bats. A blood-thirsty mob hounds Gleib to his death, but the vampire attacks don't stop.

Directed by Frank R. Strayer
Produced by Phil Goldstone & Larry Darmour
Written by Edward T. Lowe Jr.
Starring Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Melvyn Douglas, Dwight Frye

Buster Crabbe in WILD HORSE PHANTOM (1944)

Billy Carson (Buster Crabbe) is a law man who lets a group of convicts escape so that he can follow them to their loot.


The classic all-midget western novelty picture. A must see for fans of B-movies.

Art Mix in THE RAWHIDE TERROR (1934)

In this fun B-Western ten years after a group of ranchers killed a couple a killer called "The Rawhide Terror" is taking revenge on the now respectable killers. The couple who they killed had two sons who were seperated around the time of the murder. While everone is looking for the new threat the brother seem destined to meet again. This film was originally set to be a western serial, but the production was halted and the nearly completed episodes were edited into a B-feature

Edward Platt THE REBEL SET (1959)

A gang of rebel beatnicks attempt a robbery.

DeForest Kelley FEAR IN THE NIGHT (1947) Paul Kelly

Bank teller Vince Grayson (DeForest Kelley) dreams that he stabs a man in an octagonal room of mirrors and locks the body in a closet. When he wakes up, he discovers marks on his throat, a strange key and a button in his pocket, and blood on his cuff. Cliff Herlihy (Paul Kelly), his police officer brother-in-law, tries to convince him it was just a dream. Then, one day, while trying to find cover from the rain, the pair finds themselves taking shelter in the strange house from Vince's dream.

Anne Baxter GUEST IN THE HOUSE (1944) Ralph Bellamy

No girl has ever been called more names! That's Evelyn...the guest...who manages to throw her pretty shadow around where any man near must see it - and when it comes to a man she grants no rights to anyone but herself!

Fay Wray WOMAN IN THE SHADOWS (1934) Ralph Bellamy

Fay Wray, Ralph Bellamy and Melvyn Douglas star in this Phil Rosen directed thriller based on a story by Dashiell Hammet. The story looks at the dark side of corruption in a small town.

Heather Angel HALF A SINNER (1940)

Bored with her everyday life, a teacher steals a car to get away and that car just happens to have a dead body in the back.

Ricardo Cortez THE INNER CIRCLE (1946)

" Hello, this is Johnny Strange of Action Incorporated. No, not Strange Action Incorporated. Johnny Strange -of- Action Incorporated. Yeah. I want to place an ad in the Help Wanted Female. Mm-hm. Wanted: secretary to human dynamo. Exclamation point. Must be blonde, beautiful, between 22 and 28, unmarried, with a skin you love to touch and a heart you can't."

Lionel Atwill THE WRONG ROAD (1936)

A young couple plan to steal $10,000 from the bank. They hide the money expecting to collect it after they have served their prison terms. However, when they are release they are followed by an investigator and former cell mates who also want to get hold of the loot.

Frieda Inescort SHADOWS ON THE STAIRS (1941) Turhan Bey

When a series of murders are discovered, the occupents of a London boarding house become suspects.

Frieda Inescort - Mrs. Stella Rosabelle Armitage
Paul Cavanagh - Joseph 'Joe' Reynolds
Heather Angel - Sylvia Armitage
Bruce Lester - Hugh Bromilow
Miles Mander - Tom Armitage
Lumsden Hare - Inspector Gregg
Turhan Bey - Ram Singh
Charles Irwin - Constable
Phyllis Barry - Lucy Timson
Mary Field - Phoebe Martia St. John Snell
Paul Renay - Choong Thi

D Ross Lederman

Written By
Frank Vosper (play)
Anthony Coldway (screenplay)

Ellery Queen THE MANDARIN MYSTERY (1936)

Ellery helps his father solve a mystery involving a very valuable stamp. This great Republic progarammer stars Eddie Quillan in the lead role.

James Whale's SINNERS IN PARADISE (1938)

A plane load of people are stranded on a deserted island.

Madge Evans
Bruce Cabot
Gene Lockhart

Paul Henreid THE SCAR (1948) Joan Bennett

A film noir exploration of the doppelganger theme. A criminal attempts to impersonate his psychiatrist double. Directed by Steve Sekely

Ricardo Cortez in POSTAL INSPECTOR (1936) with Bela Lugosi

This musical comedy action movie is the final film of Bela Lugosi's original contract with Universal Pictures, which had begun with his career defining portrayal of Dracula. It tells the story of a US postal service agent and the things that he has to contend with in his day-to-day job dealing with all the crimes and scams that can be perpetrated through the postal system.

George M Cohen SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE (Silent 1917)

George M Cohen stars in the film version of his comical mystery play based on the famous mystery novel by Earl Derr Biggers (Charlie Chan).
An Author accepts a challenge from his publisher to write an old fashioned English novel in 24 hours. He give him the only key to a remote country home so that he will have seclusion to write. The writing is interrupted when a number of people arrive with keys to the mansion and let themselves in.
This films was remade a few times in the 1920s, 30s and 40s and also formed the basis for the 1983 cult classic "House of the Long Shadows" with horror veterans Vincent Price, John Carradine, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

Leo McCarey's LOVE AFFAIR (1939) Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne

One of the greatest romance movies from the golden age of Hollywood. Charles Boyer stars as French playboy Michel who falls in love with an American woman (Irene Dunn) while travelling aboard a ship. They agree to meet again in 6 months time but will a series of accidents stop them from making their planned rendez-vous.

Sir Cedric Hardwicke in TOM BROWN'S SCHOOL DAYS (1940)

A Hollywood version of the classic Thomas Hughes novel about a group of Victorian era schoolboys who declare war on the bullies who run their boarding school. Features Cedric Hardwicke, Freddie Bartholomew and Jimmy Lydon.

William Powell in THE KENNEL MURDER CASE (1933)

William Powell and Mary Astor star in this classic Philo Vance mystery from the novel by SS Van Dine. This film, directed by Michael Curtiz, is considered one of the greatest locked room mystery films of all time. A man is found murdered in a locked room. It is up to Philo Vance to sift through the suspects and evidence to find the murderer.

Chester Morris in TOMORROW AT SEVEN (1933)

A murderer, known as "The Black Ace", menaces a number of people staying in an old dark mansion. This 1933 picture features matinee idol Chester Morris as an author intent on writing a book about the notorious criminal. He visits criminal expert Thornton Drake to get more information about the case. When someone receives the killer's calling card (the "ace of spades") the mystery begins. This is a wonderfully entertaining old fashioned mystery movie with all the hallmarks - an old house, servants, guests, a dashing hero, some bumbling detectives and a murderer among them.

Boris Karloff in THE APE (1940)

Dr. Bernard Adrian is a kindly mad scientist who seeks to cure a young woman's polio. He needs spinal fluid from a human to complete the formula for his experimental serum. Meanwhile, a vicious circus ape has broken out of its cage, and is terrorizing the townspeople. The Ape eventually breaks into Dr. Adrian's lab. The Doctor manages to kill it before any harm can come to himself. However, the spinal fluids he requires to perform his experiments have all been destroyed during the struggle between him and the Ape.

Jack Nicholson in THE WILD RIDE (1960)

The Wild Ride is a 1960 American film directed by Harvey Berman and starring Jack Nicholson as a rebellious punk named Johnny who spends his days as an amateur dirt track driver in between partying and troublemaking.

Larry Semon's WIZARD OF OZ (Silent 1925)

A toymaker (Semon) makes a Scarecrow doll for his granddaughter, who asks him to tell her the story about Oz.

Vincent Price in THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1959 - Widescreen)

Frederick Loren invites a number of guests to his wife's haunted house party. The catch is if they can stay in the house until dawn they will get $10,000.


A secret society in the Limehouse district of London, offers a woman a strange inheritance.


In London 1888 Jack the Ripper has already committed three murders. The Harley's run a lodging house and rent their attic room to a research scientist, Mr Slade. There is suspicion that Slade is Jack The Ripper. Based on the classic Marie Belloc Lowndes novel "The Lodger" previously filmed by Alfred Hitchcock, Maurice Elvey and John Brahm.

Directed by Hugo Fregonese
Written by Barré Lyndon and Robert Presnell Jr from the novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes.
Produced by Leonard Goldstein and Robert L. Jacks

Jack Palance
Constance Smith


A group of kids who grew up in the bowery made a pact to meet up when they were adults. Their reunion is interrupted by murder and they have to find who is the killer.

Victor McLaglen, William Gargan and Paul Kelly

Ray McCarey

Vincent Price SHOCK

A woman, trying to meet up with her lost WWII soldier husband, witnesses a murder in a hotel and ends up in a catatonic state. She is put under the care of the hotel psychiatrist who just happens to be the murderer.

Starring Vincent Price, Annabel Shaw and Frank Latimer
Produced by Aubrey Schenk
Directed by Alfred L Werker

Sherlock Holmes in THE WOMAN IN GREEN (1945)

There is a Jack The Ripper style murder loose and Holmes and Watson investigate a blackmail ring that may be connected to the murders.

Starring - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Henry Daniel, Hillary Brooke, Paul Cavanagh
Directed by Roy William Neill

Sherlock Holmes in TERROR BY NIGHT (1946)

****Rare Early Television Print**** See the movie exactly as people saw it when it premiered on TV in the early 1950s.

Holmes and Watson are aboard the "Scotch Express" trying to save the famous Star of Rhodesia diamond from its imminent theft.

Starring - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Alan Mowbray, Dennis Hoey
Directed by Roy William Neill

Dangerous Passage

Robert Lowery, Phyllis Brooks and Jack La Rue star in this 1944 Pine-Thomas Production for Paramount. Intrigue and danger meet an American wanting to return home to claim his inheritance.

This is a 1951 Speciality Pictures reissue print.

Directed by William Berke

Captain Scarface

In this early cold war thriller, a man set on leaving south America joins a freight ship and discovers that the captain is holding a man hostage in order to force him to commit a terrorist act.

Director: Paul Guilfoyle
Producer: Jack Rieger

Barton MacLane

Beau Ideal

Beau Ideal tells the story of John Geste (from the novel "Beau Geste") an American who joined the French Foreign Legion and has been imprisoned for dishonour. Otis travels to Morocco to try to save his childhood friend.

Ralph Forbes
Loretta Young

Directed by
Herbert Brenon

Originally released in 1931


Lon Chaney Jr, John Bromfield and Victor Jory star in this thriller about a trio of divers who get caught up in murder while searching for a treasure.

Shadow of Chinatown

The feature version of the Bela Lugosi serial.

Phantom of Chinatown

Keye Luke as Detective James Lee Wong (Mr Wong)

This is a prequel to the series with Boris Karloff in the title role. In this film Keye Luke (Lee Chan in the Charlie Chan and Mr Moto films) plays a younger Wong, who assists the police investigating the murder of an Archaeologist that occurs during a college lecture.

Bulldog Drummond's Peril

Another trip to the altar for Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond and Phyllis Clavering is averted when, at a pre-wedding gathering at the Clavering estate in Switzerland, a Swiss detective guarding the wedding gifts is murdered and an artificial diamond is stolen.

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge

Hugh, Algy and Tenny are on their way to the Manor to meet the wedding party before Hugh and Phyllis' wedding. While travelling they stumble upon a parachuted suitcase which disappears almost as soon as they arrive at the manor. Will the ensuing intrigue halt the wedding plans yet again?

Bulldog Drummond in Africa

Once again Hugh and Phyllis' wedding plans run into troubles when international espionage and intrigue get in the road of their wedding day.

Bulldog Drummond's Bride

Two bank robbers hide their loot in the apartment that Hugh and Phyllis will occupy after they have married.

Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police

Captain Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond and his fiancée, Phyllis Clavering, are at his ancestral home preparing it for their wedding when a historian arrives to inform him of a hidden treasure within the castle. However, the historian's former assistant wants the treasure, and will stop at nothing to get it.

Bulldog Drummond Escapes

Captain Drummond becomes a prisoner when he attemps to protect a beautiful heiress from an espionage organization. This is the first film in the series and the only film to feature Ray Milland in the title role.

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back

Irena Soldanis, the wife of a man Captain Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond sent to the gallows the year before, has kidnapped Drummond's perennial fiancée, Phyllis Clavering. Drummond must rescue Phyllis, and the riddles Irena provides send him and his friends on one wild goose chase after another in a plan to eventually trap him and kill he and Phyllis.

Arrest Bulldog Drummond (1938)

A British scientist has created a death ray which can destroy an entire army in seconds. A villain murders him, steals his invention, and plans to sell it. Drummond discovers the killing and takes the case, but soon finds himself in trouble with scotland yard, and accused of murder. Now he must clear his name as well as stop the crooks.

Robert Lowery in DARK MOUNTAIN (1944)

Robert Lowery stars as a park ranger who helps hide his ex girlfriend who has unknowingly married a gangster (Regis Toomey).

Leon Ames in EAST SIDE KIDS (1940) Full Movie

This is the first movie of the series before many of the regular cast members moved to Monogram Pictures. The story is about a street kid who grows up and becomes a police officer when he realises that crime doesn't pay. He looks for evidence to free a friend who was put away for a murder he didn't commit.


In this underrated satire of the melodrama genre Alan Mowbray plays a villainous lawyer who wants to kick a widow and her daughter out of their home. Introduced by Billy Gilbert and featuring a fun performance by Buster Keaton in one of his better early talkies. Margaret Hamilton (The Wizard of Oz) plays the widow.

Roger Corman's THE TERROR (1963 widescreen version)

Boris Karloff is Baron Von Leppe, a reclusive Baron who accepts a lost French soldier Andre DuValier (Jack Nicholson) into his home. Andre has met a woman named Helene who looks just like the Baron's wife Ilsa, who was killed 20 years earlier.

Shot over a weekend on the remaining sets from "The Haunted Palace" this Corman quickie has become one of the all time classic public domain movies. Presented here in the original widescreen ratio, uncut and with enhanced colour.


Willis H O'Brien's THE DINOSAUR AND THE MISSING LINK - A Prehistoric Tragedy (1915)

Some cave men have to match wits with the missing link and a dinosaur to find food in pre-historic times. This is an early example of the kinds of stop motion annimation special effects that made Willis O'Brien (The Lost World, King Kong) famous.

Ricardo Cortez in THE PHANTOM IN THE HOUSE (1929)

In this early talkie, A man is accused of killing when his wife commited the murder. He serves a long prison sentence and then returns upon his release.

This was an early experiment in sound synchronisation. Produced by Trem Carr for Continental Films and Directed by Phil Rosen ( the production team that made many poverty row classics at Monogram)

D W Griffith's THE SEALED ROOM (1909)

"The Sealed Room" is an film based on the idea of bricking an adversary into a sealed room as an act of revenge. This is based in part on the literature of Edgar Allan Poe and Honore de Balzac. The film was directed in 1909 by D W Griffith for the American Biograph company. It features Arthur Johnson (as the king), Marion Leonard (as the girl) and Henry Walthal (as the musician). The film also features early appearances by Mary Pickford and Mack Sennett.

Steve Reeves in KIMBAR OF THE JUNGLE (1949) Complete

"Kimbar" was intended to be a 13 part TV cliff-hanger serial. Only the first episode was completed and broadcast. The rest of the series was never made. This features Steve Reeves, the popular star of sword and sandal movies like Hercules and The White Warrior, in his first acting role.

Ralph Morgan in CONDEMNED TO LIVE (1935)

A small town is experiencing a number of mysterious murders. When a man discovers that his mother was bitten by a vampire bat when just before he was born, he starts to think that he may be the vampire killing the girls of the town.

Stars Ralph Morgan, Maxine Doyle and Mischa Auer

This movie was made on left over sets from "The Bride of Frankenstein"

Hal Roach's Curley and His Gang in WHO KILLED DOC ROBBIN? (1948)

A short feature from 1948 in colour. A bunch of Rascal-like kids solve a mystery in the mansion on the hill. Features George Zucco.

This is one of many Hal Roach films that lapsed into the public domain when the company fell into financial difficulties in the 1970s.

Lon Chaney Jr in THE SHADOW OF SILK LENNOX (1935)

Lon Chaney Jr plays a gangster, John "Silk" Lennox, who is trying to play it straight running a nightclub. Silk is doing a bit of the old work on the side and is forced to kill a henchman when he tries to run off with his latest cache of loot.

This is one of the many early "Creighton Chaney" films that were re-badged "Lon Chaney Jr" when he became a star. Directed by Ray Kirkwood.

Randolph Scott in MAN OF THE FOREST (1933)

Classic Paramount programmer from the early 1930s. Randolph Scott plays Brett Dale who gets accused of murdering a land owner.

The film also stars Harry Carey, Buster Crabbe, Barton MacLane, Noah Beery and Verna Hillie as Alice.

The film was re-released as "Challenge of the Frontier" and is based on Zane Grey's 1920 novel "Man of the Forest".

This is a great early Western from legendary director HENRY HATHAWAY (True Grit, Sons of Katie Elder, North to Alaska, Navada Smith, Circus World)


****Rare Early Television Print**** See the movie exactly as people saw it when it premiered on TV in the early 1950s.

Holmes and Watson endeavour to resue the kidnapped inventor of a new bomb sight and to secure the weapon for use against the enemy during World War II.

Starring - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, William Post Jr, Holmes Herbert, Kaaren Verne, Dennis Hoey, Mary Gordon
Directed by Roy William Neill

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes in DRESSED TO KILL (1946)

****Rare Early Television Print**** See the movie exactly as people saw it when it premiered on TV in the early 1950s.

The key to the hiding place of the stolen bank-note printing plates is held in the tunes played by a few plain music boxes. A criminal gang will stop at nothing to retrieve the plates. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson follow the trail of the music boxes and the criminal gang led by the femme fatale Hilda Courtney and Colonel Cavanaugh.

Starring - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Patricia Morrison, Holmes Herbert, Mary Gordon
Directed by Roy William Neill

Boris Karloff in DICK TRACY MEETS GRUESOME (1947)

Borris Karloff plays "Gruesome" an evil criminal who robs banks using a gas that freezes unsuspecting witnesses. Dick Tracy (Ralph Byrd) and the team try to foil his plans.

Directed by John Rawlins.

Morgan Conway in DICK TRACY MEETS CUEBALL (1946)

When a set of diamonds are stolen and the thief is strangled by notorious con "Cueball" before he can fence them, Tess volunteers to pose as a buyer to get the diamonds back. When Tess goes missing, the race is on for Dick Tracy to catch Cueball and save Tess.

Directed by Gordon Douglas

Bob Hope in GOING SPANISH (1934)

On a South American trip with his fiance and her mother, Bob runs in to all sorts of trouble when he arrived in a place called Los Pochos Eggos where the are celebrating and odd festival.

Lon Chaney Jr in SCREAM IN THE NIGHT (1935)

In this crime thriller, Chaney plays a colonial police officer who infiltrates a criminal gang in order to find stolen jewels.

The Range Busters in HAUNTED RANCH (1942)

The Range Busters and Rance are both after the same gold. Rance and his gang pretend to be ghosts in order the scare the Range Busters away from the treasure. This is the 20th in the series of Range Busters movie.


W W Young's 1915 film of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland". Starring Viola Savoy as Alice. Produced by The American Film Manufacturing Company (Flying A Studios) and released on 19 January 1915.

Mutt and Jeff in SLICK SLEUTHS (1926)

Mutt and Jeff play Sherlock Holmes style detectives on the trail of the mysterious "Phantom". Originally release in 1926, this film was hand coloured in the early 1930s and re-released.

This movie is part of The Video Cellar Collection
Director: Charles R. Bowers, Bud Fisher
Producer: Charles R. Bowers, Bud Fisher
Production Company: Bud Fisher Film Corporation
Audio/Visual: sound, color

The Screaming Skull (1958) WIDESCREEN

A widower and his new wife move into his former home. The house has been looked after by a mysterious gardener. The new wife starts to see and hear wierd things and thinks she might be going mad.


A "Melody Drama Of Dazzling Splendor In Technicolor"

This is an early technicolor test film made by Pioneer Pictures. The film tells the story of a theatre owner who goes to a local cafe to see and audition its famous band and dancers.

The Stolen Jools (1931)

The Stolen Jools (released in the UK as "The Slippery Pearls") was an all star comedy made in aid of TB relief. It was a public relations film sponsored by a tobacco company to help fund the work of a respiratory deseases clinic.

At the Police Station: Wallace Beery, Buster Keaton, Jack Hill, J. Farrell MacDonald, Edward G. Robinson, George E. Stone
The Law: Eddie Kane, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
At the Victim’s House: Our Gang (Farina, Stymie, Chubby, Mary Ann Jackson, Shirley Jean Rickert, Echo, Wheezer, Pete the Pup), Polly Moran, Norma Shearer, Hedda Hopper
Tete-a-Tete: Joan Crawford, William Haines
On the Porch Swing: Dorothy Lee
At Breakfast, Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe, El Brendel
In the Hotel: Charlie Murray, George Sidney, Winnie Lightner,Fifi D'Orsay, Warner Baxter, Irene Dunne
At Lunch :Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey
In the Movie Studio: Richard Dix, Claudia Dell, Lowell Sherman
The Newsmen: Eugene Pallette, Stuart Erwin, Skeets Gallagher, Gary Cooper, Wynne Gibson, Buddy Rogers
The Detective: Maurice Chevalier
Under the Tree: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Loretta Young, Richard Barthelmess, Charles Butterworth
Couples at Home: Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon, Barbara Stanwyck and Frank Fay
In a Movie Scene: Jack Oakie and Fay Wray
Projectionist: George "Gabby" Hayes
The Midget: Little Billy Rhodes
Mitzi Green solves the mystery.


Also known as "The Sleeping Cardinal"

This film was produced for the US company, First Division Pictures and became one of the most successfull Sherlock Holmes pictures of the 1930s. After a screening in 1955 the film was lost and wasn't seen again for nearly 50 years.

Sherlock Holmes solves the mystery of a murder society playboy in this early adaptation of the short story "The Empty House"

Arthur Wontner is Sherlock Holmes, Ian Fleming is Dr Watson. The film is directed by Leslie Hiscott and produced by Julius Hagan.

Original film is in the public domain.
New Digital restoration and transfer Copyright © 2010 The Video Cellar.

Mack Sennett's GHOST PARADE (1931)

In this parody of the early "Old House" mysteries, Mr Martin and the residents of his manor are confronted by strange ghostly happenings, which may or may not be caused by Martin's uncle who was killed in the Civil war.

Douglas Fairbanks in THE MYSTERY OF THE LEAPING FISH (1916)

Fairbank's classic Sherlock Holmes parody. Written by Tod Browning (Dracula, Freaks, London After Midnight) and directed by John Emmerson


The very first Sherlock Holmes film. About a minute long, this features Holmes confused by a disappearing bandit.

The Bat (1926) The Original Classic

The movie that inspired the creation of Batman. The inhabitants of an old dark house are terrorised by a notorious criminal who appears from the shadows dressed as a bat.

This original silent Roland West production was remade a number of times, including the 1930 Widescreen pioneer "The Bat Whispers", starring Chester Morris, and the 1950s version of "The Bat" with Vincent Price.

Special contents © 2011 The Video Cellar. All Rights Reserved.

More Rare Sherlock Holmes Trailers

Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910) FULL MOVIE

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910) is the earliest surviving film version of L. Frank Baum's 1900 novel, made by the Selig Polyscope Company without Baum's direct input. It was created to fulfill a contractual obligation associated with Baum's personal bankruptcy caused by The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays, from which it was once thought to have been derived. It was partly based on the 1902 stage musical, though much of the film deals with the Wicked Witch of the West, who does not appear in the musical.

This movie is part of The Video Cellar Collection
Director: Otis Turner
Producer: William Selig
Production Company: Selig Polyscope Company
Audio/Visual: Silent, Black and White

Special contents © 2010 The Video Cellar. All Rights Reserved.

His Majesty The Scarecrow Of Oz (1914)

Classic entry into L Frank Baum's silent Wizard of Oz Series.

Violet MacMillan...Dorothy
Frank Moore...The Scarecrow
Pierre Couderc...The Tin Woodman
Fred Woodward...The Cowardly Lion
Raymond Russell...King Krewl
Arthur Smollet...Googly-Goo
J. Charles Haydon...The Wizard of Oz
Todd Wright...Pon
Vivian Reed...Princess Gloria
Mai Wells...Old Mombi
Mildred Harris...Button-Bright

Directed by
J. Farrell McDonald

Written and Produced By
L Frank Baum

The Patchwork Girl Of Oz (1914)

L Frank Baum's film of his fairy tale "The Patchwork Girl of Oz." A munchkin boy must travel around oz in order to find the antidote to a potion.

Violet MacMillan...Ojo
Frank Moore...Unc Nunkie
Raymond Russell...Dr. Pipt
Leontine Dranet...Margolotte
Bobbie Gould...Jesseva
Marie Wayne...Jinjur
Dick Rosson...Danx
Frank Bristol...Omby Amby
Fred Woodward...The Woozy, a Quaintness
Todd Wright...The Wizard of Oz
Herbert Glennon...The Scarecrow
Hal Roach...The Cowardly Lion & Tottenhot
Andy Anderson...The Hungry Tiger
Jessie May Walsh...Ozma of Oz
William Cook...The Royal Chamberlain

Produced by
L Frank Baum

Directed by
J Farrell MacDonald

The Magic Cloak Of Oz (1914)

The Magic Cloak of Oz is a 1914 film directed by J. Farrell MacDonald. It was written by L. Frank Baum and produced by Baum and composer Louis F. Gottschalk. The film is an adaptation of Baum's novel, Queen Zixi of Ix.

Kansas Pacific (1953) CLASSIC WESTERN in Color

Around the time of the Civil War, sabotage threatens the completion of a vital rail link.

In full original Cinecolor.

Stars Sterling Hayden, Barton Maclane and Eve Miller
Directed by Ray Nazaro, Written by Daniel B Ullman

Produced by Allied Artists (1953, Public Domain)

Frank Sinatra in SUDDENLY (1954) Rare WIDESCREEN version

In a town called Suddenly, a team of gangsters with the contract to assassinate the President take over a small hilltop house, holding a widow and her son hostage.

Frank Sinatra gives one of his best performances as the lead gunman. Also stars Sterling Hayden, James Gleason, and Nancy Gates.

Written by Richard Sale. Music by David Raksin.
Produced by Richard Bassler. Directed by Lewis Allen.

Tales of Frankenstein

Originally made as a pilot for a US TV seres co-production between Hammer Films and Screen Gems, this was later broadcast as part of a number of other anthology series. It stars Anton Diffring as Baron Frankenstein.

The film uses a lot of recognisable stock footage from classic Univesal films, like Dracula's brides and the narrator from the Inner Sanctum movies.