D W Griffith's THE SEALED ROOM (1909)

"The Sealed Room" is an film based on the idea of bricking an adversary into a sealed room as an act of revenge. This is based in part on the literature of Edgar Allan Poe and Honore de Balzac. The film was directed in 1909 by D W Griffith for the American Biograph company. It features Arthur Johnson (as the king), Marion Leonard (as the girl) and Henry Walthal (as the musician). The film also features early appearances by Mary Pickford and Mack Sennett.

Steve Reeves in KIMBAR OF THE JUNGLE (1949) Complete

"Kimbar" was intended to be a 13 part TV cliff-hanger serial. Only the first episode was completed and broadcast. The rest of the series was never made. This features Steve Reeves, the popular star of sword and sandal movies like Hercules and The White Warrior, in his first acting role.

Ralph Morgan in CONDEMNED TO LIVE (1935)

A small town is experiencing a number of mysterious murders. When a man discovers that his mother was bitten by a vampire bat when just before he was born, he starts to think that he may be the vampire killing the girls of the town.

Stars Ralph Morgan, Maxine Doyle and Mischa Auer

This movie was made on left over sets from "The Bride of Frankenstein"

Hal Roach's Curley and His Gang in WHO KILLED DOC ROBBIN? (1948)

A short feature from 1948 in colour. A bunch of Rascal-like kids solve a mystery in the mansion on the hill. Features George Zucco.

This is one of many Hal Roach films that lapsed into the public domain when the company fell into financial difficulties in the 1970s.

Lon Chaney Jr in THE SHADOW OF SILK LENNOX (1935)

Lon Chaney Jr plays a gangster, John "Silk" Lennox, who is trying to play it straight running a nightclub. Silk is doing a bit of the old work on the side and is forced to kill a henchman when he tries to run off with his latest cache of loot.

This is one of the many early "Creighton Chaney" films that were re-badged "Lon Chaney Jr" when he became a star. Directed by Ray Kirkwood.

Randolph Scott in MAN OF THE FOREST (1933)

Classic Paramount programmer from the early 1930s. Randolph Scott plays Brett Dale who gets accused of murdering a land owner.

The film also stars Harry Carey, Buster Crabbe, Barton MacLane, Noah Beery and Verna Hillie as Alice.

The film was re-released as "Challenge of the Frontier" and is based on Zane Grey's 1920 novel "Man of the Forest".

This is a great early Western from legendary director HENRY HATHAWAY (True Grit, Sons of Katie Elder, North to Alaska, Navada Smith, Circus World)