Robert Lowery in DARK MOUNTAIN (1944)

Robert Lowery stars as a park ranger who helps hide his ex girlfriend who has unknowingly married a gangster (Regis Toomey).

Leon Ames in EAST SIDE KIDS (1940) Full Movie

This is the first movie of the series before many of the regular cast members moved to Monogram Pictures. The story is about a street kid who grows up and becomes a police officer when he realises that crime doesn't pay. He looks for evidence to free a friend who was put away for a murder he didn't commit.


In this underrated satire of the melodrama genre Alan Mowbray plays a villainous lawyer who wants to kick a widow and her daughter out of their home. Introduced by Billy Gilbert and featuring a fun performance by Buster Keaton in one of his better early talkies. Margaret Hamilton (The Wizard of Oz) plays the widow.

Roger Corman's THE TERROR (1963 widescreen version)

Boris Karloff is Baron Von Leppe, a reclusive Baron who accepts a lost French soldier Andre DuValier (Jack Nicholson) into his home. Andre has met a woman named Helene who looks just like the Baron's wife Ilsa, who was killed 20 years earlier.

Shot over a weekend on the remaining sets from "The Haunted Palace" this Corman quickie has become one of the all time classic public domain movies. Presented here in the original widescreen ratio, uncut and with enhanced colour.


Willis H O'Brien's THE DINOSAUR AND THE MISSING LINK - A Prehistoric Tragedy (1915)

Some cave men have to match wits with the missing link and a dinosaur to find food in pre-historic times. This is an early example of the kinds of stop motion annimation special effects that made Willis O'Brien (The Lost World, King Kong) famous.

Ricardo Cortez in THE PHANTOM IN THE HOUSE (1929)

In this early talkie, A man is accused of killing when his wife commited the murder. He serves a long prison sentence and then returns upon his release.

This was an early experiment in sound synchronisation. Produced by Trem Carr for Continental Films and Directed by Phil Rosen ( the production team that made many poverty row classics at Monogram)