In London 1888 Jack the Ripper has already committed three murders. The Harley's run a lodging house and rent their attic room to a research scientist, Mr Slade. There is suspicion that Slade is Jack The Ripper. Based on the classic Marie Belloc Lowndes novel "The Lodger" previously filmed by Alfred Hitchcock, Maurice Elvey and John Brahm.

Directed by Hugo Fregonese
Written by Barré Lyndon and Robert Presnell Jr from the novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes.
Produced by Leonard Goldstein and Robert L. Jacks

Jack Palance
Constance Smith


A group of kids who grew up in the bowery made a pact to meet up when they were adults. Their reunion is interrupted by murder and they have to find who is the killer.

Victor McLaglen, William Gargan and Paul Kelly

Ray McCarey

Vincent Price SHOCK

A woman, trying to meet up with her lost WWII soldier husband, witnesses a murder in a hotel and ends up in a catatonic state. She is put under the care of the hotel psychiatrist who just happens to be the murderer.

Starring Vincent Price, Annabel Shaw and Frank Latimer
Produced by Aubrey Schenk
Directed by Alfred L Werker

Sherlock Holmes in THE WOMAN IN GREEN (1945)

There is a Jack The Ripper style murder loose and Holmes and Watson investigate a blackmail ring that may be connected to the murders.

Starring - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Henry Daniel, Hillary Brooke, Paul Cavanagh
Directed by Roy William Neill

Sherlock Holmes in TERROR BY NIGHT (1946)

****Rare Early Television Print**** See the movie exactly as people saw it when it premiered on TV in the early 1950s.

Holmes and Watson are aboard the "Scotch Express" trying to save the famous Star of Rhodesia diamond from its imminent theft.

Starring - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Alan Mowbray, Dennis Hoey
Directed by Roy William Neill

Dangerous Passage

Robert Lowery, Phyllis Brooks and Jack La Rue star in this 1944 Pine-Thomas Production for Paramount. Intrigue and danger meet an American wanting to return home to claim his inheritance.

This is a 1951 Speciality Pictures reissue print.

Directed by William Berke

Captain Scarface

In this early cold war thriller, a man set on leaving south America joins a freight ship and discovers that the captain is holding a man hostage in order to force him to commit a terrorist act.

Director: Paul Guilfoyle
Producer: Jack Rieger

Barton MacLane

Beau Ideal

Beau Ideal tells the story of John Geste (from the novel "Beau Geste") an American who joined the French Foreign Legion and has been imprisoned for dishonour. Otis travels to Morocco to try to save his childhood friend.

Ralph Forbes
Loretta Young

Directed by
Herbert Brenon

Originally released in 1931


Lon Chaney Jr, John Bromfield and Victor Jory star in this thriller about a trio of divers who get caught up in murder while searching for a treasure.

Shadow of Chinatown

The feature version of the Bela Lugosi serial.

Phantom of Chinatown

Keye Luke as Detective James Lee Wong (Mr Wong)

This is a prequel to the series with Boris Karloff in the title role. In this film Keye Luke (Lee Chan in the Charlie Chan and Mr Moto films) plays a younger Wong, who assists the police investigating the murder of an Archaeologist that occurs during a college lecture.

Bulldog Drummond's Peril

Another trip to the altar for Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond and Phyllis Clavering is averted when, at a pre-wedding gathering at the Clavering estate in Switzerland, a Swiss detective guarding the wedding gifts is murdered and an artificial diamond is stolen.

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge

Hugh, Algy and Tenny are on their way to the Manor to meet the wedding party before Hugh and Phyllis' wedding. While travelling they stumble upon a parachuted suitcase which disappears almost as soon as they arrive at the manor. Will the ensuing intrigue halt the wedding plans yet again?

Bulldog Drummond in Africa

Once again Hugh and Phyllis' wedding plans run into troubles when international espionage and intrigue get in the road of their wedding day.

Bulldog Drummond's Bride

Two bank robbers hide their loot in the apartment that Hugh and Phyllis will occupy after they have married.

Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police

Captain Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond and his fiancée, Phyllis Clavering, are at his ancestral home preparing it for their wedding when a historian arrives to inform him of a hidden treasure within the castle. However, the historian's former assistant wants the treasure, and will stop at nothing to get it.

Bulldog Drummond Escapes

Captain Drummond becomes a prisoner when he attemps to protect a beautiful heiress from an espionage organization. This is the first film in the series and the only film to feature Ray Milland in the title role.

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back

Irena Soldanis, the wife of a man Captain Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond sent to the gallows the year before, has kidnapped Drummond's perennial fiancée, Phyllis Clavering. Drummond must rescue Phyllis, and the riddles Irena provides send him and his friends on one wild goose chase after another in a plan to eventually trap him and kill he and Phyllis.

Arrest Bulldog Drummond (1938)

A British scientist has created a death ray which can destroy an entire army in seconds. A villain murders him, steals his invention, and plans to sell it. Drummond discovers the killing and takes the case, but soon finds himself in trouble with scotland yard, and accused of murder. Now he must clear his name as well as stop the crooks.