RED HAIRED ALIBI (1932) Merna Kennedy - Grant Withers - Shirley Temple

A young hotel sales-girl becomes the paid companion of a man in New York. Little does she know that he is a notorious gangster and she will become involved in all manner of mystery and intrigue.

This film is directed by Christy Cabanne and features Merna Kennedy, Theodore von Eltz and Grant Withers in the main roles. Shirley Temple makes a very early appearance.

A BOY A GIRL AND A DOG (1946) Jerry Hunter - Sharyn Moffet - Lionel Stander

In World War II a young boy and girl find a lost dog and take it home. They live in an appartment building with a no pets rule so they hide the dog in an abandoned appartment. When a roober breaks in and the dog attacks, blowing his cover, he is enlisted in the K9 Corps and serves in the war effort.

THE PANTHER'S CLAW (1942) Sidney Bl…

"The Black Panther" is a blackmailer who stalks many people in an opera company. A police detective strives to catch him and put him away.

Directed by William Beaudine

BIG NEWS (1929) Carole Lombard - Robert Armstrong

A report, who has a sakey marriage due to his drinking, is falsely accused of murder.