HALDANE OF THE SECRET SERVICE (Silent 1923) Harry Houdini

Heath Haldane (Houdini) attempts to track down the vicious criminal gang responsible for his government agent father's death while also saving the girl he loves.

music: Kevin MacLeod

TERROR ISLAND (1920) Harry Houdini

A man is held captive by island natives who believe that his daughter has stolen a pearl belonging to their idol.

This is a five reel truncated 1922 Realart print of the Houdini mystery missing a large chunk from the middle of this originally seven reel production.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM (Silent - 1917) Mary Pickford - Charles Ogle

With her family in trouble Rebecca is sent to live with her aunts. She finds it difficult to fit in and doesn't get along with her aunts.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL (Silent - 1917) Mary Pickford - Madlain Traverse

A young girl from a rich family suffers from the indifference of her parents and the maltreatment of her family's servants.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

STRANGE ILLUSION (1945) Jimmy Lydon - Warren William

An intriguing modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet in the noirish style of Edgar G Ulmer.

SEVEN DOORS TO DEATH (1944) Chick Chandler - June Clyde

MARKED FOR DOOM! Careers smashed...Romances broken...A lurking figure that strikes with sudden swiftness in the night...Suspense!...Mystery!...Excitement!

OUT OF SINGAPORE (1932) Noah Beery - Dorothy Burgess

A plot to poison the Captain is underway as a group of thugs attempt to take command of his ship.

MURDER IS NEWS (1939) John Gallaudet - Iris Meredith

After writing a story about a powerful businessman's womanizing ways, a reporter find the subject of his story dead and his own life in danger.

MOTIVE FOR REVENGE (1935) Donald Cook - Irene Hervey

A bank teller is compelled by his nagging mother-in-law to steal from the bank. He lands in hot water - accused of murder.

LAW OF THE JUNGLE (1942) Arline Judge - John 'Dusty' King - Mantan Moreland

An expedition to the jungle find Nazis hiding amongst the natives.

ON THE SPOT (1940) Frankie Darro - Mantan Moreland

Frankie and Mantan once again assign themselves to the task of finding a murderer in this long lost murder mystery comedy.

CHASING TROUBLE (1940) Frankie Darro - Marjorie Reynolds - Mantan Moreland

Frankie and Mantan get mixed up with some G-Men searching for a spy ring.

IRISH LUCK (1939) Frankie Darro - Mantan Moreland - Dick Purcell

An amateur detective and a hotel bellhop investigate a series of hotel murders.

SPIRIT OF YOUTH (1938) Joe Louis - Mantan Moreland - Clarence Muse

Boxing film loosely based on Joe Louis' own career.

THE GANG'S ALL HERE (1941) Frankie Darro - Mantan Moreland - Marcia Mae Jones

Frankie and Jefferson get jobs at a trucking company. All's well until they realise the truck company is being targeted by saboteurs and hi-jackers.

Directed by Jean Yarbrough.

LUCKY GHOST (1942) Mantan Moreland - F.E. Miller

Washington Delaware Jones (Moreland) is ordered to leave his home town and embarks on a journey with his friend Jefferson (Miller) to find a new career and home.

THE IRON MASK (1929) Douglas Fairbanks - Margueritte De La Motte

The further adventures of the "Three Musketeers"

Music: Kevin MacLeod

THE MISSING CORPSE (1945) J Edward Bromberg - Isabel Randolph - Frank Jenks

The Body Was A.W.O.L.... and a House Party was on the loose!

AMATEUR CROOK (1937) Herman Brix - Joan Barclay - Jack Mulhall

Herman Brix (AKA Olympian Bruce Bennett) is a struggling artist who ends up involved in an intrigue involving and man and his daughter and a famous diamond.

The Bat (1960) Helen Hayes - Jason Robards - Margaret Hamilton

Episode one of the series "The Dow Hour Of Great Mysteries" (31 Mar 1960)

Kinescope recording of an elaborately staged television version of the often filmed 1922 Avery Hopwood and Mary Roberts Rinehart play "The Bat". Hosted by Joseph N Welch. Starring: Helen Hayes, Jason Robards Jr, Margaret Hamilton.

A sinister criminal known as "The Bat" tries to find stolen securities hidden in the rambling mansion owned by the deceased owner of a bank and rented by spinster Cordelia Van Gorder. One of the archetypal "Old House" mysteries.

PARADISE ISLAND (1930) Kenneth Harlin - Marceline Day

A woman follows her fiance to Tonga, where she finds he is a brute. She is the only white woman on the island and she attracts the attention of an adventurer and a crook.

VALLEY OF WANTED MEN (1935) Frankie Darro - Roy Mason - Grant Withers

Three escaped convicts return to their hometown to try to uncover the identity of the person who framed them.

GET THAT MAN (1935) Wallace Ford - Leon Ames

Life becomes very complicated when a cab driver discovers he is the spitting image of a dead heir to a fortune.

NANCY DREW, REPORTER (1939) Bonita Granville - John Litel - Frankie Thomas

While on work experience at the local newspaper, Nancy Drew investigates the case of a girl accused of murder.

STREAMLINE EXPRESS (1935) Victor Jory - Evelyn Venable - Esther Ralston

A group of people on a high speed train in the US contend with blackmail and intrigue in this classic b-picture thriller.

Directed by Leonard Fields

Also stars Ralph Forbes and Sidney Blackmer

Notes on remastering:
- Initial restoration (removal of jumps, video and audio noise reduction) by J Clement 2010. http://archive.org/details/StreamlineExpress1935
- Additional restoration (digital noise reduction, colour grading, HD upscale) by S Sullivan 2013.