The Bat (1960) Helen Hayes - Jason Robards - Margaret Hamilton

Episode one of the series "The Dow Hour Of Great Mysteries" (31 Mar 1960)

Kinescope recording of an elaborately staged television version of the often filmed 1922 Avery Hopwood and Mary Roberts Rinehart play "The Bat". Hosted by Joseph N Welch. Starring: Helen Hayes, Jason Robards Jr, Margaret Hamilton.

A sinister criminal known as "The Bat" tries to find stolen securities hidden in the rambling mansion owned by the deceased owner of a bank and rented by spinster Cordelia Van Gorder. One of the archetypal "Old House" mysteries.

PARADISE ISLAND (1930) Kenneth Harlin - Marceline Day

A woman follows her fiance to Tonga, where she finds he is a brute. She is the only white woman on the island and she attracts the attention of an adventurer and a crook.

VALLEY OF WANTED MEN (1935) Frankie Darro - Roy Mason - Grant Withers

Three escaped convicts return to their hometown to try to uncover the identity of the person who framed them.