REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM (Silent - 1917) Mary Pickford - Charles Ogle

With her family in trouble Rebecca is sent to live with her aunts. She finds it difficult to fit in and doesn't get along with her aunts.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL (Silent - 1917) Mary Pickford - Madlain Traverse

A young girl from a rich family suffers from the indifference of her parents and the maltreatment of her family's servants.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

STRANGE ILLUSION (1945) Jimmy Lydon - Warren William

An intriguing modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet in the noirish style of Edgar G Ulmer.

SEVEN DOORS TO DEATH (1944) Chick Chandler - June Clyde

MARKED FOR DOOM! Careers smashed...Romances broken...A lurking figure that strikes with sudden swiftness in the night...Suspense!...Mystery!...Excitement!

OUT OF SINGAPORE (1932) Noah Beery - Dorothy Burgess

A plot to poison the Captain is underway as a group of thugs attempt to take command of his ship.

MURDER IS NEWS (1939) John Gallaudet - Iris Meredith

After writing a story about a powerful businessman's womanizing ways, a reporter find the subject of his story dead and his own life in danger.

MOTIVE FOR REVENGE (1935) Donald Cook - Irene Hervey

A bank teller is compelled by his nagging mother-in-law to steal from the bank. He lands in hot water - accused of murder.

LAW OF THE JUNGLE (1942) Arline Judge - John 'Dusty' King - Mantan Moreland

An expedition to the jungle find Nazis hiding amongst the natives.

ON THE SPOT (1940) Frankie Darro - Mantan Moreland

Frankie and Mantan once again assign themselves to the task of finding a murderer in this long lost murder mystery comedy.

CHASING TROUBLE (1940) Frankie Darro - Marjorie Reynolds - Mantan Moreland

Frankie and Mantan get mixed up with some G-Men searching for a spy ring.

IRISH LUCK (1939) Frankie Darro - Mantan Moreland - Dick Purcell

An amateur detective and a hotel bellhop investigate a series of hotel murders.

SPIRIT OF YOUTH (1938) Joe Louis - Mantan Moreland - Clarence Muse

Boxing film loosely based on Joe Louis' own career.

THE GANG'S ALL HERE (1941) Frankie Darro - Mantan Moreland - Marcia Mae Jones

Frankie and Jefferson get jobs at a trucking company. All's well until they realise the truck company is being targeted by saboteurs and hi-jackers.

Directed by Jean Yarbrough.

LUCKY GHOST (1942) Mantan Moreland - F.E. Miller

Washington Delaware Jones (Moreland) is ordered to leave his home town and embarks on a journey with his friend Jefferson (Miller) to find a new career and home.

THE IRON MASK (1929) Douglas Fairbanks - Margueritte De La Motte

The further adventures of the "Three Musketeers"

Music: Kevin MacLeod

THE MISSING CORPSE (1945) J Edward Bromberg - Isabel Randolph - Frank Jenks

The Body Was A.W.O.L.... and a House Party was on the loose!

AMATEUR CROOK (1937) Herman Brix - Joan Barclay - Jack Mulhall

Herman Brix (AKA Olympian Bruce Bennett) is a struggling artist who ends up involved in an intrigue involving and man and his daughter and a famous diamond.